Dawn-Michelle Baude :: News

"With her concern with history, place, and formal experimentation, Baude positions herself firmly in the Pound-Williams-Olson tradition, and The Flying House extends that lineage nobly...." Andrew Frazee, Verse

Spring/Summer 2012

Baude reads Green Apple on October 26.

Amin Khan's Vision of the Return, translated from the French by Dawn-Michelle Baude, is in the bookstores.

Mind in Vegas' blog, "The Strange, Intimate World of Pledge Dentistry," is reprinted in the Las Vegas Weekly.

New poetry reviews posted at Rain Taxi.

Baude on the Composer's Showcase in Las Vegas.

"Mind In Vegas," Baude's blog, launches.

Baude's criticism of Lee Ufan at the Guggenheim receives lead post at ArtCritical.com.

Jack Kerouac's Selected Letters reviewed by Baude for Attention Span 2011.

Spring/Summer 2011