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"With her concern with history, place, and formal experimentation, Baude positions herself firmly in the Pound-Williams-Olson tradition, and The Flying House extends that lineage nobly...." Andrew Frazee, Verse

Spring/Summer 2011

Vision of the Return by Amin Khan, translated from the French by Dawn-Michelle Baude, available in the bookstores November 2011.

Everything Is Perfect: The Art and Philosophy of Diego Jacobson, with lead essay by Dawn-Michelle Baude, released in fall 2011.

Doc Thompson interviews Baude on email communications. See podcast at 700WLW.

Newspapers post email communications interview with Baude by Erich Schwartzel, e.g., E-mail Signoffs.

Gizmodo (Australia) includes Baude in "The Art of Pitch-Perfect Emails."

The bureaucracy of helping learning-difference kids prompts an article for Aristotle Circle.

Winter 2011/Fall 2010